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Media Watch AZ began serving the Tucson market in 1992, and opened its Phoenix office in 2006 with the first state-of-the-art digital broadcast recovery facility in Arizona.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Quality digital reproductions

Our digital library is held in-house indefinitely. Other services only hold their VHS tape library 30 to 60 days.

Media Watch AZ, LLC is a member in good standing of our industry trade organization, the International Association of Broadcast Monitors (IABM). Additionally we are a founding member of News Data Service (NDS), a national group of independent broadcast monitors. NDS is composed of 46 companies that cover over 188 U.S. media markets.

Media Watch AZ is a full service international broadcast retrieval company. It's through our affiliations that we have 50 full service offices around the country dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. This gives us the ability to provide news segments from anywhere in the USA as well as four countries outside of the United States.

Our company uses a powerful Web-based search engine to comb through the thousands of local and national news stories that are continuously being uploaded into the system 24/7. In most markets, the verbatim text of the broadcasts is available. In markets where the broadcast text is not available, detailed logging notes with a description of each news story are available. DVD copies of news segments can be obtained for a cost that is significantly lower than our national competition. Same-day service for DVD copies is available in most markets via our FTP site. Broadcast Media reports can be sent immediately via e-mail.

We feel privileged to give back to our local community by being a proud sponsor of both the House of Broadcasting and the "Public Relations Society of America – Phoenix Chapter".




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