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Welcome to Media Watch AZ

Who We Are:

Media Watch AZ is Arizona's only digital broadcast media retrieval service. Our offices are located in both Phoenix and Tucson. Media Watch AZ is a full service international broadcast retrieval company. Through our affiliations we have 50 full service offices around the country dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. These affiliations are a very important resource for Media Watch AZ, giving us the ability to provide news segments from anywhere in the USA as well as four countries outside of the United States.

What We Do:

We offer complete digital reproductions of news programming from any market in the country. Our services include news segments, digital delivery, broadcast media reports, and archiving.

How can we be of service?

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and quality digital reproductions. For Arizona's most competitive and complete broadcast media retrieval service, contact us.

Media Watch Arizona is the most responsive electronic clipping service we've ever used. They not only find and quickly deliver high quality DVDs of the stories we request, but they watch out for us and let us know when stories that might be of interest to us are aired. Best of all, they don't get cranky if we don't want those DVDs!


--Susan Fuchs, Media Relations Coordinator
John C. Lincoln Marketing Communications

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